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Stay rejuvenated with us!


Cut & Style

Women’s Haircut                                                                                          48/56+

(Style Included)


Men’s Haircut                                                                                                 28/36+

(Style Included)


Children’s Haircut                                                                                        18/26+

(12 years old & under)


Blow Dry                                                                                                          30/36+

       With Ironwork                                                                                                           +10

       Nioxin Diamax Blow out                                                                                         +6

           A revolution in the treatment of thin-looking hair.
          Diamax treatment enhances hair’s appearance from the very first use!


Deep Conditioner Treatments

    -Brilliance (for color-treated hair)                                                                          +5

    -Enrich (for dry hair)                                                                                                     +5

    -Elements (paraben free)                                                                                           +8

    -Luxe Oil-Express Keratin Restore                                                                          +5

    -Luxe Oil-Intensive Keratin Restore                                                                       +10

    -Solza Treatment                                                                                                          +20

    -Olapex Bond Strengthening Service                                                                    +25

    -Nioxin Scalp Renewal Treatment                                                                          +35

A facial for the scalp that help restore follicle and hair health.


Thermal Style                                                                                                  40/46+


Up-style                                                                                                             70/80+


Extensions                                                                                      *Based upon Consultation*

Handmade clip-in extensions customized for you.


Women’s Color Services

Single Tone Color                                                                                           67/75+

Available in Permanent and Demi-Permanent


Luxury Illumina Single Tone Color*                                                         77/85+

The most natural looking color from Wella.
Up to 100% gray coverage, multi-dimensional shine and incredible hair condition


Single Tone Retouch                                                                                     51/59+

Available in Permanent and Demi-Permanent
Maintenance application of regrowth


Luxury Ilumina Retouch*                                                                             61/69+

Maintenance application of regrowth with Illumina


Full Foil Highlight                                                                                         108/118+

Provides lightness and/or depth throughout the entire head.


Partial Highlight                                                                                             66/76+

Half-head of highlights. Perfect for maintenance


Face-frame Highlight                                                                                     +30

10 Foils or less- Brighten and enhance your facial features


Spot Lights                                                                                                         +48

15-20 Foils-Enhance your style with little commitment


Multi-Dimensional Highlight                                                   *Based upon Consultation*

Full Foil Highlight using 3 or more different colors for a multi-dimensional effect


Bayalage/Free Hand Painting                                                                112/120+

Premium hand painted highlights that look and grow out more naturally


Double Process Blonde                                                                             150/158+

All over lightening and tonal glazing for purest blondes


Corrective Color                                                                          *Based upon Consultation*

Correct undesirable color to completely change your current look


Luxury Lumina Shine Boost                                                                       48/56+


Shine Boost/ Gloss treatment                                                                  38/46+


Men’s Color Service

Men’s Signature Color                                                                                  62/70+

Available in Permanent and Demi-Permanent


Men’s Luxury Color                                                                                        72/80+

The most natural looking color from Wella.
Up to 100% gray coverage, multi-dimensional shine and incredible hair condition


Men’s Signature Retouch                                                                             46/54+

Available in Permanent and Demi-Permanent
Maintenance application of regrowth


Men’s Luxury Retouch                                                                                  56/64+

Maintain your Illumina Color results with this retouch
application focusing on regrowth


Men’s Power Shot                                                                                             22+

Camouflage grays with Redken’s Color Camo


Keratin Treatment, Perms, Relaxers

Keratin Treatment                                                                                        120+/hr

Basic Perm                                                                                                           115+

Perm-design                                                                                                       132+

Relaxer                                                                                                                  115+